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Episode #1 (video still).jpg

What things should you consider when choosing a wedding date?  In this episode if Lifting The Veil, host Larry Williams will offer great insight that will have you selecting a great wedding date that will work for you and your guests. This series walks wedding couples through the steps needed to plan a GREAT wedding celebration.

Episode #2 (video still).jpg

In this episode, host Larry Williams helps address the order in which to select wedding vendors. With so Many services and products needed...which ones should you give priority too? Who books up fastest? Who might be more in demand? After watching this episode - you'll have a better understanding and game plan going forward.

Episode #3 (video still).jpg

There are a million ways to put together a wedding budget - but I bet you have NEVER heard one like this before.  The first step is deciding your budget is to IDENTIFY the type of wedding that is within your means. Host Larry Williams breaks down a simple concept that will put your wedding budget on the right track.

Episode #4 (video still).jpg

There's nothing worse than getting to an upscale restaurant only to find the atmosphere noisy and the service lacking. That's exactly how guests feel when they attend a wedding at an upscale venue and the food, DJ, Officiant or decor is either homemade or supplied by an inexperienced family friend. You can avoid this. Host Larry Williams will show you how.

Episode #5 (video still).jpg

One of the coolest things to come along in years (for couples planning a wedding) are on-line reviews and testimonials. In this episode, host Larry Williams breaks down the importance of these evaluations and what to look for when analyzing them. This is MUST WATCH information for anyone planning a wedding.

Episode #6 (video still).jpg

In this episode, host Larry Williams lifts the veil on the best way to conduct wedding vendor interviews for your upcoming wedding.  He will break down the difference between products and services and give great ideas on what questions to ask and how best to make contact.  Any wedding couple who wants to begin the interview process will find this episode to be really helpful in narrowing down the best way to interview potential candidates.

Episode #7 (video still).jpg

Bridal Faires are one of the best ways to find great products and services for your wedding all under one roof. In this episode, you will learn some really cool tricks and ideas on how to maximize this highly anticipated shopping day. Get the most out of your Bridal Faire experience by writing down the 5 tips that host Larry Williams will unveil in this episode.

Episode #8 (video still).jpg

In this two-part episode, host Larry Williams will explain how to hire musicians or a DJ for your Wedding Ceremony and why you don't have to scour the internet to find the best music.  This is a must-watch for every bride as insider secrets will be revealed that will make your ceremony perfect.

Episode #9 (video still).jpg

When you're a guest at a wedding, seeing the Wedding Toast unfold seems like a single thing.  The emcee makes an announcement and then the toast. In this episode of Lifting The Veil, host Larry Williams explores all of the vendors, instructions and set-up that takes place behind-the-sceens to create a flawless Wedding Toast.

Episode #10 (video still).jpg

In this episode, host Larry Williams (a certified Wedding Entertainment Director) will guide you through the process of selecting great music for your upcoming wedding. From the Cocktail Hour to the Final Dance, you will learn tips and techniques that experts use to create a memorable musical experience.

Episode #11 (video still).jpg

Lake Tahoe is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. In this must-watch episode, host Larry Williams will give you five useful tips that every wedding couple should know if they are planning a wedding in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Episode #12 (video still).jpg

This is a FUN episode. Did you know that many of the things we see at wedding celebrations are traditions that date back centuries? This episode will delight you as you learn more about the origins of the wedding ceremony , cake cutting, toast, honeymoon and even some naughty traditions about the wedding night. After watching this episode, you will fall in love with Lifting The Veil show.

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